Rain Coast Choir's Sparkle and Shine Showcase celebrates the end of our Fall 2018 Season with an intimate performance at One Thousand Rivers studio. We are thrilled to welcome Logan and Nathan, and Daughter of the Moon to share in the evening. Their music is truly sublime, and we can't wait to sing with them as well!

Sunday, December 16th, 2018
One Thousand Rivers - 54 E 4th Avenue

Tickets $15 at the door
or in advance at Brown Paper Tickets:

Doors at 6:30pm | Music starts at 7pm
All ages welcome
BYOB - NO cash bar, alcohol is permitted in moderation
Please keep in mind this is an intimate, listening show ♥



Hailing from Vancouver, alternative folk duo Logan and Nathan have released their debut album, Chasing Tales (and a few other things). Consisting of a 15-song track listing, their vivid debut experiments with bare instrumentals and serene sounds that push the traditions of folk music. It’s a brand of self-proclaimed “freak folk,” braiding various timbres and transitions through a ghostly, unaccompanied lens.

The two came together when they were trapped in Canmore, AB during a flood that washed out all routes of escape. Seeing how the end was near, the two teamed up for one last musical hurrah, serenading the flood victims pickled blood late into the hues of a starlit night. It was here that they first combined folk with the eclectic. Imagine Johnny and June after a trip down the rabbit hole. Their music dances along the lines of Folk Music, but when they perform it turns into something else.

Logan and Nathan have brought their strange brand of freak folk all over the country, riding and performing on the Via Rail Train and playing festivals such as Arts Wells, Koksilah, and Woodstove Festival. Their music creates a space for emotions to be honest, hearts to be warm, and thoughts to be soothed with discomfort.



Daughter of the Moon is a dream/folk songstress who moves around the world with her guitar, turning her experiences into songs. Her live performance of voice & acoustic guitar have been described as haunting, yet healing and her songs, sweet and melancholic. Her sound is inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star, Norah Jones & The Staves.

Her newly release and very first album (self-titled) is now available on Itunes, Spotify & Bandcamp.

Under her previous artist name, Natalie Ramsay, she released her first ever solo album “Alien” (2007) and self-produced and recorded her 2nd solo album, “Fly To Home” in 2014. During the time between she collaborated in different bands and duo projects (Prairie Jewel, Little Darjeeling, Himalayan & We Are Water) and spent several nights a week singing for non-traditional gigs in hot yoga studios around Montreal, Winnipeg & Vancouver.

Find past updates and news here.

Joline Baylis
2018 Fall Season
📷  Phaelen Keuhne Photography  at Notional Space for the Spring Showers Showcase

📷 Phaelen Keuhne Photography at Notional Space for the Spring Showers Showcase


The Rain Coast Choir 2018 Fall Season begins Wednesday, September 5th at Full Circle Studio!

Growing steadily since our formation in 2016, we have become a close-knit group of almost 20 singers. We're looking forward to welcoming a new wave of members to the group this Fall, for what is sure to be our best season yet! Our open intake period will run until September 26th, with singers of all skill levels and backgrounds welcome.

This season we will work on songs by Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Tall Heights, CSNY, and more. We will continue to explore dynamics, expressing emotion in our singing, musicality, and rhythm.

The Fall Season will run until mid-December, with a performance to celebrate the season before breaking for the holidays.

For more information, visit out about page, or contact us with any questions.

Joline Baylis

Our Spring Season is wrapping up, and we are so excited to celebrate with a showcase at beautiful Notional Space in East Vancouver. Featuring Joshua Wood and Sinead Sanders, as well as our arrangements of songs by Paul Simon, Fiona Apple, Fleet Foxes and more... This show is going to be pure magic!

THURSDAY, MAY 24th at Notional Space (1523 E Pender)

Doors at 7:30  /  Show starts at 8pm

Give as you wish  /  All Ages welcome

Notional Space 1.jpg
Notional Space 2.jpg

Notional Space is the gorgeous private home of Mark and Yoo-Mi, who generously host intimate performances in the spirit of supporting local artists and connecting the community around them. The space operates as a gift economy project, which means that audience members give what they wish in appreciation of the music they experience and the artists they encounter.  You can read all about this refreshing philosophy here.

Joshua Wood.jpg


From Vancouver BC's indie outfit Devil In The Wood Shack and signed artist of Mighty Speck Records; Joshua Wood is standing alone for the first time in his life. With touching songs of reconciliation and dark truths of his past to explosive upbeat triumphant ballads all buried deep in unique acoustic rhythm, poetry and the mystery that surrounds him.  

Somewhere in the neighbourhood of Tallest Man On Earth, Shakey Graves and Possessed by Paul James, you can be sure to see everything he has poured entirely into each song while full heartedly exploring the politics of love, ruin and truth.

Sinead Sanders.jpg


"Sinéad Sanders is like a ghost from a simpler time on her nine-song debut, which, given the wretched state of the world today, is seriously high praise." - THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT

Joline Baylis
Rain Coast Choir Rocks the Fairview

This weekend we had the pleasure of singing with Vancouver's favourite funksters Baked Potato at the Fairview Pub. It was a blast singing "Reach Out" by the The Four Tops, and Crowbar's "Oh, What a Feeling" with such a burning band behind us! We couldn't help but have our own little dance party on stage during the ripping solos and sweet grooves these guys laid down.

Rain Coast Choir getting down with Baked Potato at the Fairview, February 24th, 2018

Rain Coast Choir getting down with Baked Potato at the Fairview, February 24th, 2018


Baked Potato came to us a couple weeks before their gig and asked us to join them for the show. Not a choir to shy away from a challenge, we braved a late-winter snowstorm to work the songs out with the band at their rehearsal space in North Vancouver. One last warm-up in the underground parkade and we were good to go!

parkade practice.jpg
Reach Out parkade 2.jpg

Big thanks to Baked Potato for inviting us, and to all you singers in the crowd, don't be afraid to "Reach Ooooout!"

Your first practice is always free, so come join in the fun... we can't wait to sing with you!

For more information, visit out about page, or contact us with any questions.

Joline Baylis
2018 Spring Season

Rain Coast Choir's third season is now underway at Full Circle Studio (1183 Odium Drive). We've seen lots of new faces, and we're happily welcoming new members until the end of March 2018.

This season we will learn songs by The Beatles, Paul Simon, Bahamas, Fiona Apple, The Tallest Man on Earth, and more. With so many new singers, we will really get a chance to delve into dynamics, expressing emotion in our singing, musicality, and rhythm.

The Spring Season will run until the end of May, with a performance at the end of the month (details coming soon).

As always, the first practice is free, so come see if Rain Coast Choir is right for you... we'd love to meet you!

For more information, visit out about page, or contact us with any questions.

Rain Coast Choir performing at Full Circle Studio for the Wet Winter Showcase, Dec. 9th

Rain Coast Choir performing at Full Circle Studio for the Wet Winter Showcase, Dec. 9th

Joline Baylis
Wet Winter Showcase

Join Rain Coast Choir for a harmonious evening of music at Full Circle Studio (1183 Odlum Drive). We are celebrating our second season together by inviting you into our beautiful space for an intimate performance of some of our favourite songs.

The evening will include performances by EHM Sky Patrol and Keenan Lawlor, with the choir lending our voices to their expertly crafted songs.

Doors at 7pm

Tickets $15 at the door
or in advance at Brown Paper Tickets:

Joline Baylis
2017 Fall Season

Rain Coast Choir has moved into a new home with lots of room to grow. We have settled in nicely at Full Circle Studio (1183 Odlum Drive). a beautiful space with great acoustics and a warm, cozy atmosphere. We have seen plenty of smiling new faces, and we are still happily welcoming more members as we kick off our second season. Our focus this year is to use the resonance of the new space to really explore tuning, harmony, and musicality, while we sing songs by Neil Young, Billy Joel, and the Beach Boys, among others.

We will be wrapping up the Fall semester with a concert on December 9th at Full Circle Studios (details here) before resuming in January 2018 to sing our way into Spring.

Joline Baylis
2016 Inaugural Season

Rain Coast Choir was formed in December 2016. During our first season, we grew into a tight-knit core group of 12 singers, meeting weekly in the apartment of our founder, Joline Baylis, practicing our harmonies for a discerning cat named Chloe. Our repertoire spanned decades of pop and rock classics, including songs from The Turtles, M. Ward, and Hurray for the Riff Raff.

In June 2017, we ended our season with a performance at St. James Hall in Kitsilano. We had the pleasure of opening for our own Kristina Emmott (aka willolux) at her album release show, and joining her band on stage to lend our harmonies to some of her beautiful songs. We celebrated the fruits of our hard work with an amazing night in an inspiring venue.

Joline Baylis